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To plant a thousand more churches in all districts and villages in Sierra Leone in the coming years, and aggressive church planting activities are now going on. Pastors and young people are being challenged to leave their comfort zones and go into the missions’ field, and the results have been amazing as we observe the Lord of the harvest working through His people.

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Julius Laggah

Bishop Dr. Julius Laggah is the Senior Pastor of the Bethel Cathedral of Praise in Freetown Sierra Leone, and the General Secretary of the Bethel World Outreach Ministries International with responsibility of coordinating all the churches in over 25 countries of the world. He is also the Bishop of the second Diocese with jurisdiction over Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Ghana. Supported by his Lovely wife Revd. Olayinka Laggah. See More



Abraham Turay

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Bishop Dr. Julius Laggah ministering at the 2 readmore...


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Revd. Abraham Turay ministering at the 2019 L readmore...


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Bethe Sierra Leone celebrates 27 years.


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2019 Diocesan Conference - SAVE THE DATES


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Bishop Laggah ministering in the BWOMI Youth readmore...


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